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Hi There !!!

I’m so happy you’re here! My name is Javier Castañeda and I’m a full time photographer based in Costa Rica. Taking photos is my passion. More specifically, taking photos of authentic moments and real emotions that tell your story.
After a decade of capturing couples, I can truly say no two wedding days are the same. This ultimately fuels my work, allowing me to artistically capture memories that are unique to each couple and their beloved guests.
My unobtrusive candid approach to photography allows me to document the authenticity of the moment as it happens. You’ll forget I’m even there!
I am here to capture every candid moment of your long-awaited wedding day. The moment you exchange tearful vows in front of everyone you hold most dear. The moment all of your guests erupt in laughter during the reception. The moment you embrace your partner as you slow dance into forever, forgetting anyone else is in the room. Every memory can be relived and passed down for generations through timeless portraiture.


Karen Walker

Javier captured every perfect moment of the ceremony. He brought us to life with the photo shoot, making it fun, memorable and really representing us and our love. Javier captured my favorite day ever in the most beautiful way. I am forever grateful for the memories.

Heather Sipe

Thank you so much for these wonderful photos. It was such a pleasure to work with you and getting to relive our perfect day through these photos means the world to us. 

Jassum Gloster

Thank you so much, the wedding video is beautiful. We appreciate the hard work you and your team put into creating this video.

Thanks for submitting!

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